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Athletic Coaching

Positive Mental Conditioning for Athletic Success:

Hall of Famer T Cobb once said “What’s above the (player’s) shoulders is more important than what’s below.”


The mind is as much of a part of excelling in any sport as the body. Studies show that the professional athlete spends between 4 and 20 hours a week physically working on their body and only 0-1 hours a week working on their mental conditioning. The higher the level of skill and competition an athlete reaches, the more vital it is to incorporate mental skill techniques into their daily training. It is the mental skill training that separates an average athlete from an elite one. Like any form of training, methods to develop excellence in any sport requires time, and well defined and specific goals. Any athlete can benefit tremendously by incorporating mental skills training into their daily routine. Powerful mental skills can help the athlete achieve a more consistent and higher level of performance in their sport. It is the mental skills training that will not only give them the edge and a few more years playing the sport they love, but it will also give them the edge in life itself. At Mind Body Excellence we can give you that edge. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a competitive athlete at a different level, together we will create a program just for you. A program that will help you succeed in achieving dominance in your game.


At Mind Body Excellence you will learn:


– Creating the winner’s mindset

– 3 key principles the  attaining greatness in your sport

– The physiology of movement and its powerful effect on the mind

– Overcoming barriers and breakdowns to performance excellence

– Increase focus and concentration

– Cope with stress both on and off the playing field

– Manage and avoid anxieties of professional athletics (travel, media, etc.)

– Prepare yourself mentally for before, during and after the game

– Take yourself to the next level with mental conditioning techniques and practices

– Harness the power of visualization through extraordinary visualization techniques

Mind Body Excellence

Mind Body Excellence specializes in helping clients realize their full performance potential through mental conditioning and motivational coaching. Success AND failure are dependent on one’s mindset; with the help of Mind Body Excellence, you will learn how to increase your productivity, become healthier, more focused and able to overcome life’s roadblocks for continued personal and professional growth.

Frank Williams, Founder

MBX Founder Frank Williams will give you the tools, guidance and techniques to eliminate negative thoughts, increase your mental capacity and realize your full potential.

Success AND failure are dependent on one’s mindset; YOU hold the power to be as successful as possible, both in and out of the workplace.

It is YOUR Choice!

- Achieve a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise;
- Take your performance to the next level through mental conditioning;
- Learn how to cope with stress and anxiety in your personal and professional life;
- Improve your focus and concentration;
- Banish toxic thinking to overcome life’s roadblocks;
- Manage anxiety to achieve more goals;

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