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What People Are Saying About Mind Body Excellence


My wife and I want to thank you for the positive influence you have had on our children using your mental skills conditioning program. You have an amazing ability to engage children in deep conversation about empowering and believing in themselves.

We have seen an incredible transformation in our youngest daughter. After her knee surgery, she thought her sports days at Morris Hills High School were over. She felt her dreams shatter. During the course of her rehabilitation, you helped her to realize that she was a champion and should never give up on herself or her dreams.

Today, she is back on the court and recently received the honor of being named to the First Team Conference. Thanks to your coaching, our daughter is now excelling in sports and also her school work! She is currently receiving acceptance letters to attend colleges on academic scholarships and feels that she is “on top of the world.”

We are grateful for your coaching and your incredible positive attitude.

Rob M. – Rockaway, NJ



I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed your mental skills presentation for athletes on October 19th at the Embassy Suites Hotel. I’ve been a teacher for twenty years and have had the opportunity to listen to many speakers throughout my career and I have to say you are one of the best.

What I enjoyed most about your presentation was how you related your athletic/life experiences with the mental skills for athletes. You let the athlete know that they can achieve almost anything in sports and life if they put their mind to it. There was tremendous value in the material you presented and I hope more teachers, parents, and coaches get the opportunity to hear you speak.

I look forward to attending more of your speaking engagements in the future.


Linda P.
Hackettstown, N.J.



I have known Frank Williams for over twenty-five years. In that time I can say, I’ve never met an individual with a more positive outlook on life and human potential. Through Frank’s influence and coaching I have accomplished several major goals in my life. One of those was completing a century bicycle ride (100 miles in one day) at the age of 50. Frank was right! He’d constantly remind me that the only limitations we have in life are the ones we hold in our own mind.


– Joe Sheridan, Ocean City, NJ



Dear Frank,


I can’t thank you enough for helping me finally quit smoking after 25 years. I tried many times and in many ways to quit in the past – the patches, the gum, counseling, even hypnosis – but was never successful; that is, until now. With you as my coach and using your simple techniques and goal-setting strategies, I was able to quit smoking in just three weeks. It’s something I never thought possible, but you helped me believe.


Your ability to break down a major challenge (my war to quit smoking) into many minor challenges (i.e. individual battles against the urges) was the key to my – I mean, our – success. Your sincerity and enthusiasm to want to help me quit, which was apparent from our initial meeting all the way to the end of the “war,” was priceless.


With your support, I have reached my goal of living a smoke-free life. You are an AWESOME coach!


Sincerely, Ron Johnson


P.S.: Ron is reporting that he has now been smoke-free for SEVEN YEARS!




As the owner of an event planning company, I work on many meetings and seminars for my corporate clients. We always look for high energy, motivating speakers who can relate to a professional audience. Frank Williams is one of those speakers. He makes an energetic and engaging presentation and leaves the audience feeling a renewed sense of commitment to accomplishing their personal and professional goals. I have attended his workshop on Creating Your Own Economy and have witnessed his enthusiasm first hand. I would recommend Frank Williams and Mind Body Excellence to any business looking to give their employees an opportunity to gain new insights leading to an even more productive life at home and at work.


Lori Newman, Senior Partner

Detail Management



Dear Frank:


Thank you for your informative presentation to the Somerset Chapter of the Women President’s Organization.


Your ability to connect with your audience and maintain their participation throughout the presentation was wonderful. By incorporating personal experiences with the more mundane scientific facts, you held everyone’s attention and educated them at the same time.


The passion you have for educating your audience about the importance of living well, eating healthy foods and managing stress is evident to everyone who attends any of your sessions.


I look forward to hearing you speak again and wish you much success in your motivational speaking career.




Kathy Warren


Kathy Warren

President & COO

Bryant Staffing

377 Hoes Lane

Piscataway, NJ 08854



I recently attended one of Frank’s speaking engagements and I was amazed at his insight and how much I learned from his one hour presentation. I learned more in one hour than I did from reading the book ‘The Secret’.


Rita M., Fairfield, NJ



“Early in the spring, I attended a program given by Frank Williams. I was unsure of what to expect– but the amount of energy and excitement was tremendous. Frank has a natural ability to instruct and capture what is missing and very much needed in those attending the program. Frank has the audience engage with each other through the process of self evaluation. Through my experience as an Army instructor and Registered Nurse, I found Frank’s work to be targeted to self discovery and empowerment. Everyone has the ability to create change in their lives. Leaving the program I felt the change in my focus for change. Frank is a motivator for positive change!”


Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Nadal United States Army Reserves



Frank, I just wanted to thank you again for playing a major role in helping me overcome my addiction to drugs. Your outstanding support and coaching along with the love and help of my family was what made all the difference in the world. I can’t thank you enough for helping me take back my life. Also, thanks for keeping my name confidential.


Dear Frank,


I can’t thank you enough for your dedication in coaching our team and me to reaching our business goals continually. We owe much of our success to you and your strategies. Please feel free to forward my name to any person who would like a reference for your fine company.


Very truly yours,
Thomas M. Roman
CEO, Roman Media Group &

Mind Body Excellence

Mind Body Excellence specializes in helping clients realize their full performance potential through mental conditioning and motivational coaching. Success AND failure are dependent on one’s mindset; with the help of Mind Body Excellence, you will learn how to increase your productivity, become healthier, more focused and able to overcome life’s roadblocks for continued personal and professional growth.

Frank Williams, Founder

MBX Founder Frank Williams will give you the tools, guidance and techniques to eliminate negative thoughts, increase your mental capacity and realize your full potential.

Success AND failure are dependent on one’s mindset; YOU hold the power to be as successful as possible, both in and out of the workplace.

It is YOUR Choice!

- Achieve a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise;
- Take your performance to the next level through mental conditioning;
- Learn how to cope with stress and anxiety in your personal and professional life;
- Improve your focus and concentration;
- Banish toxic thinking to overcome life’s roadblocks;
- Manage anxiety to achieve more goals;

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